Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Focusing on Fantasy Nature Art

Aside from this blog, I'm working as a Columbus Arts and Crafts Examiner at, where I’ve started adding profiles of artists whose works reflect unique skills or mediums. Thought I’d begin with my friend Carol and her fantasy nature art. Carol, like me, considers herself a born-again hillbilly (although I’m not sure if she would use my exact phrasing to describe her metamorphoses to a Nature-inspired crone).

Fantasy nature artist Carol Shumate finds inspiration in the woods.
Carol dreams of fairies and sprites, some elegant and beautiful, others rough and scary. She wakes up and heads to field and forest to gather materials, whether rocks, twigs, birds’ nests, feathers, or even animal hair and bones. Then she creates these amazing creatures from her dreams. For more of Carol’s story, please visit my blog

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